First blog post – A Little Bit About Me

I have been pondering on writing a blog for a long time now and have not really known what I would write about. As I currently sitting here watching ABC2 surrounded by my 3 children (Noah 3, Scout 2 and Margot 1 and I’m also 23 weeks pregnant), one of which just pissed all over the floor, it struck me that I should just get off my constantly pregnant arse and just write an introduction about myself and my family and see where it goes.


As of this minute I am 30. Married to a younger and really attractive man. I was his first girlfriend. Poor bastard. We have been together for 6 years and have anything and everything thrown at us. I worked in Child Protection and miss it immensely. I plan to return to the field when baby #4 is 1. I currently work by as an emergency care worker to children in care. I have a bachelor degree in Behavioural Science. My dream job would be to work for UNICEF. I only ever planned to have 2 children. I tend not to take parenting/life to seriously and believe children should be children.


My first baby was a total accident and struck me like a giant slap in the face. He was conceived in a disabled toilet after breaking into the convention centre on a friends birthday weekend. Classy. I saw my then boyfriend for 2 days in 5 weeks and I got knocked up. I certainly didn’t believe that was possible. Turns out Daniel and I are incredibly fertile together.


I did my pregnancy test after a big night out in San Fransico whilst traveling from New York to LA after discovering my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Safe to safe a positive pregnancy test was the last thing I wanted or needed at that point in my life. My boyfriend (now husband) also found out he was being posted to Darwin (he is in the Army). My dad however was ecstatic. My mum was not as enthusiastic. After all, all my dad wanted was to be a Pa. He told me at 18 to have a baby and he could care for it whilst I travelled and finished my studies. Mum clearly didn’t have the passion for children collecting as my dad. I have one younger sister. She is my best friend and id actually be lost without her. Obviously I didn’t share my dad’s passion to be a teen mum so at 27 I was shocked that I was pregnant.


In the months following my pregnancy discovery, my husband and I got engaged then married at our engagement party as a surprise to everyone. My dad devastatingly passed away 4 weeks after that and then 5 weeks following his death my first son Noah was born. I have always wanted girls. My dad was truly my rock. We spoke everyday and to lose him I actually lost a huge part of me. It was the best day in the world to discover that I was carrying a boy. Life truly works in mysterious ways.


This is a very short introduction into my very first experience into motherhood. I guess because I had so much emotional turmoil in my life during the pregnancy and the weeks/moths following his birth I truly found the experience to be a positive one (besides the episitomy with a 2.5kg baby and constant mastitis) however this can be discussed in later blogs. I remember asking my mum to come stay with us for a couple of weeks following the birth. She agreed however I remember her saying it will all come naturally. Thankfully for me it did.


I will leave it here for now and will discuss my subsequent pregnancies and decisions that lead to ending up having 4 children. I have a strong personality and am not ashamed of my thoughts on a multitude of things. I greatly suspect I will piss a few people off with these views including gender selection, discipline and routines. However I believe everyone should support one another and we should embrace our differences.


As long as a child is loved, supported and encouraged to grow into the best person they can be then the world will be ok.

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