Some tips if you wish to become a baby collector…

I thought with my second blog I’d bring a little insight into how I have found having 3 children under the age of 4 whilst also being pregnant. I actually don’t have any friends that are in my situation so I felt this may be helpful for some…


  1. You will actively discourage milestones. With our first it’s exciting to watch them crawl, walk, talk, feed themselves etc. Once number 2, 3 etc come along you want them to sit and laugh whilst being fed. My third is by far my laziest. I actually think she’s taking the piss now. She is 14 months and only bum shuffling backwards. A lot of people ask if I’m concerned. I’m not at all. It makes my life easier and why would she want to move when she has 2 brothers to do everything for her?


  1. Banish mum guilt. You won’t have the time or the energy. Re-gift your pregnancy and baby journals. Someone on their first will enjoy it and actually use it…also feeding one child another’s left overs won’t make you a bad mum, more like a philanthropist feeding the hungry. It shows you’re savvy and resourceful. You will also be able to convince yourself into or out of anything.


  1. Dignity and pride should be left at conception. Or at least until they hit puberty. Whilst attempting to have a shower with my eldest two (ages 2 and 3) they both were incredibly interested in my tampon string. So much so that they actually attempted to pull it out. With the current state of my pelvic floor I was gobsmacked it didn’t cause a prolapse. They have also attempted to pull out nipple hairs that I was unaware existed. Safe to say my self esteem has copped a beating


  1. You will become incredibly organised but disorganised at the same time. It’s almost amazing. You will remember food but never wipes or nappies. I have hosed my children down with drink bottles and let them free ball it on multiple occasions. I like to say I’m a free parent…I’m not I’m just forgetful and lazy. Shoes. What are shoes?


  1. You won’t work out their problems. Any problem they’ve created they can resolve. I hope I’ve got the next Steve Jobs in my house. I’m doubtful but you never know.


  1. If you have two or more boys. Good luck.


  1. Watching your children play together, actively involve each other and help each other out is highly addictive. Hence 4 under 4 when I only wanted 2.


  1. People will stare and ask about your finances. I’m pretty open about most things but this always amazes me. Society really is becoming so materialistic. Children don’t need to have the best of everything and their own rooms. Children need structure, love, freedom and guidance. All of which are free.


  1. You will be a night-time routine stickler but day sleeps, what are routine day sleeps? If you let the baby have two sleeps and the toddlers have one you’ll never leave the house. Babies are happy to sleep in the car, pram, park, and sandpit right? Again you will convince yourself of anything. You will also realise babies are incredibly adaptable.


  1. Save your last pregnancy announcement message and resend it for the No one will read it anyway.



Good luck to anyone attempting to have a larger family. Trust me you will have never ending stories and you’re house will always be filled with laughter, love, shit and tears but mostly laughter.




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5 thoughts on “Some tips if you wish to become a baby collector…

  1. I missed out on 3 under 3 by a month, (sept3yo sept2yo Oct newborn!) This is so true I am organised and disorganised at the same time but mostly disorganised as I often pack the bag to go only to then have it pulled apart and leave important things behind like their tutu for ballet. Also you will constantly be told by strangers “oh wow you’ve got ur hands full” or “haven’t u worked out what causes that yet” . Constantly like every time u go to the shops.

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    1. Haha I forgot about the “haven’t you worked out how they’re made yet” comments 😂 I get that a lot too haha. Or people asking about contraception for us. Classic!

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